četvrtak, 17. rujna 2009.

intro ...

While waiting for my washing machine to finish (it's around midnight so the electricity is cheap :), I'm trying to catch up with stuff happening in two courses that I will try to participate on-line (non formally) in this semester - ECI831 and CCK09. As I plan to use this blog for learning in both, it would be nice if for a start there was something here that doesn't need a translation to English even if it's just introductions...

My name is Ivan Novosel, and I'm in my last year of "Master of physics and informatics education" studies at University of Split, Croatia. The rest of the blog thus far has been written in Croatian, but to spare the potential visitor from eci831 or cck09 from bad automatic translations I'll write in my (maybe not so) bad English - it has been a while from last time I had to write in English so this will be a nice practice :)

For the last year and a half I had mostly just read about networked learning, open education and generally about educational technology so it was time to stop lurking and actually join into the community actually doing this stuff. So i hope of meeting new people, learning from them, consolidating my current knowledge and maybe start using some new web tools as an excuse.

I'll start posting some smarter stuff soon, but for now my washing machine is over so somebody's got to get that clothes out to dry ;)

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